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Brand Spotlight: Fior da Liso

June 27, 2014 0 Comments

Fior da Liso is one of those enviable companies that has taken an everyday item of clothing and made it not only unique but also exquisite. I think everyone would agree that the button-down shirt is a long-standing staple in garment history, however, the blouses Fior da Liso produces take this drab item to a whole new level with their fastidious attention to every little detail.

Every style this German company produces is complete with numerous distinct detalings that make that particular design unique. The most striking features to their blouses are their tall, crisp two or three-button collars and their distinctive patterns with contrasting cuffs and inner collars. These elements really make for a stand-out look in the ring (or the office, or a dinner party, or…)!

The fashionistas at FdL have recognized the demands of the modern-day equestrian and made sure that their shirts are made with fabric that stretches and gives to the rider’s movements while still maintaining a flattering feminine silhouette— and don’t be fooled by the phrase “feminine silhouette,” these shirts can somehow flatter every body type! Each shirt has it’s own combination of fun embellishment: gold or silver buttons, lace, contrast stitching, elbow patches that match the cuffs, ruffles, etc.

FdL has more than just button down blouses, too. They have a collection of smart looking and technically styled polos and sweaters to enhance your show-ring attire.

If you’re able to come into our mobile boutique try one of these shirts on to find your best size. If you aren’t near our boutique, however, and want to make a purchase online simply subtract 30 from the shirt’s tag size to get the U.S. size equivalent (ie. a FdL shirt in a size 38 is the same as a size 8).