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All the Bells and Whistles: The Modern Show Coat

June 27, 2014 0 Comments

Do you remember coat shopping in the “olden days”? I swear, the most exciting choices we could make in buying a new show coat we’re choosing between windowpane or pinstripe and waffling between black, navy, green or gray. Occasionally you might find a few jackets with an exciting lining or a little piping. How BOLD! For the most part though, every one of us looked pretty darn similar when we set foot into the ring, and we all were ready to peel the darn sweat boxes off the second we walked out!

Well the times certainly are a changin’. There’s been a bit of a revolution in the equestrian world the last few years. We’re seeing an explosion of un-traditional styles with technical fabrics that cater to the athletic needs of the rider and many fashionable styles that set brands apart from one another. The result? There are a lot of very unique and practical show coats on the market today from which riders can choose their favorite.

The Marylin and Russel are highly comfortable, even on the hottest days!

Schockemohle is a newer name in the equestrian apparel world. Since 2005 this European company has produced really lovely functional show and casual clothing for riders. Their latest competition jacket— the Marylin coat for women and Russel for men—is made from bi-elastic Schoeller Softshell that has 3xDRY® technology as well as coldblack® which reflects the sun and has UV protection. This coat looks like a traditional jacket from a distance but up close you’ll notice small details like the silver emblem on the shoulder, zippered pockets and the small orange bits on the collar and in the lining. If you’re a taller rider who usually needs a longer coat the Schockemohle competition jacket should fit you well. The Marylin and Russel come in black, navy, brown and gray.

You will understand just how breathable this jacket is when you try holding it up to the light, you can actually see light coming through both
the mesh lining and the outer shell! [Left image credit: Noelle Floyd]

One company that’s remained at the forefront of technical innovation in equestrian wear while maintaining much of the classic aesthetic is Equiline. They sponsor a large number of top competitors in an array of disciplines and you see their coats frequently in dressage, jumper, hunter and eventing competitions (and perhaps soon in the Arabian rings, as several judges have agreed they won’t mark down for the less-traditional coat). The women’s Equiline Gait Coat is made with X-Cool Evo Technology, a water-repellent, extremely breathable and bi-elastic fabric that allows for optimum freedom of movement. The Gait is flatteringly fitted through the waist, but not too taut in the arms. There is less embellishment on this coat than many of the other trendy jackets, with only a small emblem on the sleeve and larger, metallic rimmed buttons, the Gait has a more traditional look. The Equiline Gait Jacket comes in black, brown, navy, red and gray.

The jackets made by O’Shaughnessey are a beautiful integration of the traditional stylings of hunt coats with modern fabrics!

For all you hunters out there looking for a traditional looking wool coat with a little more pizzazz we recommend taking a look at this seasons O’Shaughnessey show coats! The Cashel and Finnegan are inspired by traditional wool hunt coats, however, to keep up with riders’ demands for increasing comfort O’Shaughnessey has made their coats with European stretch wool. The Cashel is made with a beautiful charcoal/pink windowpane fabric and is fully lined with a stunning silvery paisley. Powder pink piping and pewter buttons complete this unique coat. The Finnegan is made with a black stretch wool and is lined with a cute black and white polka dot fabric. It reveals cherry red piping on the inside and is emblazoned with silver/black equestrian buttons. These coats fit fairly true to size, though if you are slimmer you may need to size down.

The Lavinia Softshell jacket is classic with a fun personal touch!

The brand new Kingsland Lavinia Softshell Jacket takes flair to a whole new level. While this navy coat looks quite traditional at first sight, the Lavinia allows riders to change the front and cuff buttons on their jacket! It also comes with a fun coordinating lapel pin. The fabric is water resistant and easily brushes off accumulated dust. It fits a bit longer, like a traditional coat and is well tailored for a very flattering fit. The Lavinia makes for a great multi-ring jacket!

The market for show jackets is growing rapidly, but fortunately riders have the ability to choose between a more traditional style or opt for a more ostentatious coat that flaunts their taste. The choice is yours! Check out our selection of these show coats and more on our website or in our mobile boutique!