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Four Handy Horsey Apps

August 05, 2014 0 Comments

There's pretty much an app for every conceivable need these days, so it comes as no surprise that there are dozens of highly handy apps for horsey people. These 4 apps made it to my list for most useful apps for the equestrian enthusiast. 

Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D

$9.99 in the iTunes Store

By: Real Bodywork

If you're like me you often find yourself puzzled by half (or admittedly, most...) of the multi-syllable words your vet uses. Fortunately there's a high-quality app for the less anatomically-learned equine enthusiasts! Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D comprehensively maps out superficial landmarks, muscles, bones, organs and even the dental structure of the horse. Using the 3D features you can zoom in and rotate views to get the perspective you need. Once you've gone through a structure there are quizzes you can take to test your new-found knowledge as well. This app will prove highly useful with your vet, chiropractor and massage therapist as well as in your everyday equine practices. 

Available for iPhones and Androids.


Equisketch Records

$9.99 in the iTunes Store

By: Equisketch

The ability to keep track of your horses' (and riders' if you're a trainer) records becomes infinitely more simple and organized with this app! The easy to navigate interface allows you to record and manage horses' basic information, membership numbers, training; vet, farrier and dental visits; nutrition and much more! You can also keep track of riders' addresses and contact info, their skill level, membership numbers and make notes. The Equisketch Records app even allows you to keep track of competition details and placings/scores at each! You can easily save and share the information to stable hands, clients, buyers and more. 


Course Walk

$9.99 in the iTunes Store

By: The Finder Network

Remembering your cross country course can be a challenging task, but the Course Walk app is here to help! Using GPS mapping this app helps you prepare for your cross country outings by recording your track and distances, identifying minute markers (no more wheeling a course again!), and allowing you to take photos of each jump and store them in a gallery. The Course Walk app has the ability to show you the different terrain of your course and change the minute markers based on optimum time given. The information you store can be easily uploaded to the site for sharing and printing. You'll never want to walk a cross country course without this fabulously handy app again!


Horse Spanish

$3.99 in the iTunes Store

By: Cameron Geiser

While we may think we're pretty well versed spanglish speakers, sometimes saying "turnout boots" doesn't quite come out as we intended. Fortunately there's a handy app that has hundreds of horsey english-to-spanish words and phrases stored for easy accessibility. You can save commonly used words and phrases or use the built-in translator for more specific needs. While the interface isn't anything fancy, this is a highly useful tool if you have workers or grooms who speak little to no english!


I can't think of a better way to use technology than to enhance the experiences with our horses! If you find use in one of these apps or have any other great suggestions for handy horse apps let us know on our Facebook page!