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FIR-Tech Leg Wraps - CATAGO EQ

Introducing the FIR-Tech Leg Wraps by CATAGO EQ, crafted from advanced healing fabric with woven ceramic fibers that harnesses the horse's body heat to enhance blood circulation. This functional design ensures quick warming of muscles, tendons, and joints, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. Ideal for use both during riding and in the stable.

**Key Features:**
- FIR-Tech fabric with woven ceramic fibers reflects body heat for therapeutic benefits
- Promotes increased blood circulation to warm up muscles, tendons, and joints
- Minimizes the risk of injuries during activities
- Suitable for use in both riding and stable environments

Experience the #1 therapy in Europe with CATAGO EQ's FIR-Tech Leg Wraps, offering exceptional support and enhancing performance by optimizing muscle and joint function. Perfect for maintaining peak condition and preventing injuries in active horses.

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