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FIR-Tech Poll Protector - CATAGO EQ

Introducing the FIR-Tech Poll Protector by CATAGO EQ, an essential accessory crafted to enhance comfort and well-being for your horse. This protector features Syntermax fiberfill and an inner lining with woven ceramic particles, promoting increased blood circulation and maintaining warmth behind the ears, even on chilly days.

**Key Features:**
- FIR-Tech fabric with woven ceramic fibers reflects body heat for therapeutic benefits
- Syntermax fiberfill provides cushioning and insulation
- Enhances blood circulation to support muscle, tendon, and joint health
- Ideal for maintaining comfort and warmth during colder weather

Experience the #1 therapy in Europe with CATAGO EQ's FIR-Tech Poll Protector, ensuring optimal support and comfort for your horse's poll area. Perfect for promoting relaxation and well-being in various equestrian activities, while offering advanced therapeutic benefits.

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