Ovation® Zocks™ Boot Socks

Collect them all for your own distinctive style. Thin enough to be worn under tall boots. So many designs to choose from!
Abstract Colors
Austin Powers
Black Horses
Black Saddle Up
Blue Majik
Blue Plaid Horses
Bright Butterflies
Bright Paisley
Bright Peacock
Colorful Daisies
D-Ring Bits
Dog Show on White
Fall Fox
Fall Peacock
Flamingos and Pearls
Floral Arabesque
Fox Hunt
Golden Pineapple
Hairy Leopard
Happy St Patty
Horse Sketch
Horses and Roses
Hunter Fox
Jumping Horses
Kennel Club
Knockout Roses
Light Blue Plaid
Lime Sweet Pea
Lucky Hearts
Midnight Lace
Mosaic Paisley
Multi Horse
Mystical Horse
Neon Horses
Noir Roses
OMG Ponies
Paisley Dance
Pattern Horse
Plaid Jumper (Teal)
Poppin Pineapples
Purple Cupcakes
Purple Peacock
Purple Plaid
Rainbow Horses
Red Stars
Rua Horses
See N Stars
Splish Splash
Summer Fun
Sunflower Horse
Sunset Horses
Tatoo'd Butterflies
Teal Horse
Teal Paisley
Three Rivers
Tiny Owls
Tutti Frutti
Wavin USA
Wendy's Garden
What the Fox
White Butterflies
White Flamingos
White Paws