Flex-On Hunter H IUG Stirrups

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  • A new and improved design for the hunter ring!

    We love Flex-On Hunter H Irons because of their lightweight and classic design with all the innovations you're looking for in a stirrup. Hunter and Equitation riders will never want to ride in anything else.

    Combines all the shock-absorbing elements from Flex-On Aluminum Irons, now in a discreet design approved for all disciplines.

    Time to get your "flex on" with these irons!

    Key Features

    • Shock-absorbing elastomers designed to help alleviate joint fatigue
    • Constructed of featherlight aluminum
    • Inclined footbed to promote proper foot placement
    • "Ultra Grip" tread system offers superior traction in the stirrups
    • Hunter ring APPROVED!
    • Available in 4.75"
    • Sold as pair