FreeJump - Airs Stirrups Silver/Black

Freejump AIR'S Stirrups

Freejump AIR’S Stirrups offer comfort, safety, and style with Air Cushion tread and easier foot release. AIR'S technical jumping stirrup offers your choice of a flat or inclined foot bed mounted on Air Cushion. The air cushion elastomer sole absorbs shock to reduce tension in the rider's joints.

The rider can also choose a straight or angled eye for their AIR'S Stirrup, reducing torque from the twist of the stirrup leather. The top of the iron has a polyamide band that triggers under high pressure, helping the foot release if needed. AIRS'S Stirrups have Freejump's super grip studs in the foot bed to keep your boots secure. The wonderful high tech look is worthy of the technology!

  • Angled or Straight eye
  • Incline or flat foot bed
  • Air cushion shock absorption
  • Easy foot release in emergency