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Lorenzini Titanium Products

We couldn't be more behind this brand, for quality, effectiveness and design they simply work and we cant find anything like them. Probably due to the fact that Lorenzini have patented the use of Titanium for this purpose. The result is astonishing, they are  incredibly Lightweight but very, very strong. They perform the same task as a steel bit but aren't heavy and uncomfortable in the horses mouth. These truly are the future.

Made of pure titanium, the Lorenzini Bit comes in many varieties and choices from 16mm, 18mm to 23mm mouthpiece with or without a center lozenge that lies comfortably on the horse's tongue. This exceptionally lightweight bit promotes salivation and the linked bits allow for independent left and right rein aids.

Advancing the science of equine technology, Lorenzini Titanium Bits combine the natural beneficial characteristics of pure titanium with the beauty and elegance of European craftsmanship. Every titanium bit is manufactured in Italy to the highest precision standards. Available in popular mouth and cheek styles, titanium bits are:
Extremely lightweight yet strong. As one of the strongest metals available, titanium resists corrosion caused by acid in the horse's mouth.
Easy-care. No polishing is required to maintain the sheen-- just clean the bit with soap and water.
Naturally antibacterial, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Titanium is the only metal that is biocompatible with the horse's body - it won't harm living tissue in any way.
Conducive to bit acceptance and good communication between horse and rider. Strong ionization and electro semi-conduction qualities in titanium help increase salivation, while low heat conduction keeps the metal cool in the horse's mouth. These qualities lead to a soft mouth and acceptance of the bit.

All Lorenzini Bits conform to BD rules.

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