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Paul and Lydia

As an artist and business woman, Heather begins the handbag design process with an idea about how she wants a bag to look and function. "I want every piece we make to be something that not only looks good, but makes the customer's life easier in some way." She conveys that message to the talented people working with her and then the work is transitioned to the production team to complete the production process. The final product is a handbag that represents the classical elegance of equestrian style with fabric that is a work of art. “Equestrian style speaks to something deep inside of all of us, that constant balance of beauty versus function, reality with fantasy, work with pleasure, the natural with the spiritual” explains Heather. A representation of beauty and function, horses are the symbol of P&L’s philosophy, “firmitas, utilitas, venustas–solid, useful, beautiful.”


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