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1927 Low Rise Front Zip

Brand new from Tailored Sportsman, these breeches have the styling and fabric of the Trophy Hunter breeches, but with new elastic sock bottoms. The waistband also features an updated smooth covered closure, eliminating any uncomfortable pressure
Airforce/Tan 24R
AirForce/Tan 26R
Berry/Tan 24R
Black/Tan 30L
Black Forest/Tan 30L
Black&Blue/Tan 30L
Bluesy/Tan 26R
Brown/Tan 30L
Chambray/Tan 24R
Charcoal/Tan 22R
Dark Teal/Tan 24R
Dark Teal/Tan 26R
Dutch Blue/Tan 24R
Dutch Blue/Tan 26R
Hazelnut/Tan 24R
Hazelnut/Tan 26R
Hyacinth/Tan 24R
Hyacinth/Tan 26R
Malibu/Tan 28R
Ocean Blue/Tan 24R
Ocean Blue/Tan 26R
Purple HRT/Tan 24R
Purple Heart/Tan 26R
Purple HRT/Tan 28R
Saddle/Tan 30L
Sailor Blue/Tan 26L
Sailor Blue/Tan 30L
Sapphire/Tan 26R
Titanium/Tan 30L
Twinkle/Tan 26R
Twinkle/Tan 28R
Sailor Blue/Tan 28L
Titanium 22R
Moody Blue 24R
Seaweed/Tan 24R MIDRISE FZ
Seaweed/Tan 26R
Seaweed/Tan 28R
Seaweed/Tan 30R