Aerborn What Knot Hair Nets

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Keep your hair neat and tidy under your helmet with the Aerborn™ What Knot? Hairnet! Offered in several different color shades, these hair nets ensure a perfect match for a professional finish to any rider's competition attire. Designed with ultra comfortable, no-pull technology, the What Knot? Hairnets are easy to use and feature a wide elastic band with a woven piece in place of a traditional knot.


  • Comfortable, Easy to Use Design
  • Wide Elastic Brow Band Ensures Comfort
  • No-Knot Woven Join Piece Eliminates Pain!
  • Durable For Long-Lasting Wear!
  • Color-Matched Hair Tie Included!
  • Sold in a pack of 2.


Color: Blonde, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown.

Available for Medium/Long Hair or Short Hair in each color.