Coptic Cross with Pearls Pave' Diamond Clasp

Christian Ethiopians have worn crosses made from coin silver for over 300 years.  They are made by using the lost wax-casting process or cut directly from a Marie Terese trade thaler.  Material for Coptic crosses varies from coin silver (about 80%) to a variety of mixed metals.  During the 19th century, the supply of silver became more readily available and designs more elaborate with symbols and patterns influenced by other religious groups  However, because these were made over such a long period of time it is hard to verify how much silver each cross contains.  The cross is indeed an antique piece and it's condition reflects that.  Worn edges and weathering are a product of time and use... not defects.  


Pearls are 16" long.  Cross and attachment are 2.5" long

Pave diamond clasp

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