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PALO DE YUCCA - Chiapaneco Chic Straw Hat

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Toquilla straw is the best quality straw in the world for hats. Woven from fibers from a palm tree from the Ecuadorian Coast and imported from Montecristi Ecuador. The original PANAMA style hat from Ecuador, toquilla is on the representative Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list from UNESCO.

The Chiapaneco Chic Collection uses handmade woven cotton bands in geometric figures made by Chiapaneco artisans from San Cristobal de Las Casas. These bands are sewn on delicately with a double stitch to each hat and include a pom pom accessory on the side. All of our hats are lined with vinyl on the inside crown and have a metal plaque with our brand. Each band is a unique one-of-a-kind piece and can not be repeated.


‘cocoa’  may vary from a light brown to a darker tobacco color.

‘sand’, or ‘arena’ in Spanish. This is the natural color of the toquilla straw.

S (53-55cm)

M/L (56-59cm)

To check your size measure your head using a measuring tape in the middle of your forehead. About 1 cm above your ear. With this size in cm, you will know your hat size. Take note the small size is very small.

Care Instructions:

You may clean the hat with a humid towel or sponge brush using only foam. Delicately clean hat in order to not damage fabric. We recommend to not directly wet fur pom pom.