DeNiro Volare Boots

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Flexibility, adherence, comfort.

These are the distinctive features of the new DeNiro boot model, specifically designed for Jumping.

Volare is the perfect boot that will both guide the dreams of young riders and meet the needs of champions. It embodies the qualities of the made in Italy and the craftsmanship that is the trademark of our artisans.

Its name tells the dreamy story of our Country, enriched by strength and unique details.

The careful match of lining and leather, individually shaped and then combined to the stretch panel, makes Volare flexible.

The enwrapping fitting blending the movements of horse and rider makes it adherent.

Such perfect harmony makes it comfortable yet ensuring the best sports performance while preserving style and elegance.

XC= Extra Short (only offered in Foot Size 34-39)
C= Short
MC = Short Medium
MA = Tall Medium
A = Tall

Boot Care Instructions

DeNiro Boot Co. riding boots are designed for durability and are made with the
finest quality leather to ensure performance and protection. Take the
following simple steps to care for them.

WRAT Calfskin leather is easy to care for because of the treatment
performed during the tanning process that protects the internal leather fibers
and helps to maintain the natural elasticity of the leather with usage.

We suggest removing dirt and sand with a damp cloth, and then after a few
minutes gently rub/shine the boots with a dry cloth. Next, apply a small
quantity of Nourishing Cream, using circular movements.

Store your boots in a dry place and away from heat sources. Avoid contact
with detergents or other harsh substances (such as salt, limestone, ammonia)
that may stain or alter the leather.

To preserve the functionality and durability of the zipper, we recommend
removing remove dirt from the hinge and zipper teeth using a soft brush after
every use. Make sure the zipper is completely open while removing the boot.


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