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Devon Hunter Bridle by Schockemöhle

DEVON HUNTER meets all requirements of a classic-elegant hunter bridle. Sophisticated stitching details on the round raised English noseband and leather browband as well as coloured contrast stitching create exciting highlights.  Leather care products from Effax are of the same quality and can be used on these bridles.

Care Tips & More

I. Bridle & leaher care

Leather care with Schockemöhle Sports leather care products
Schockemöhle Sports offers a wide programme of leather care products especially for the range of bridles and leather goods.
Here you can find out the individual advantages of each product and how your Schockemöhle Sports leather product is particularly well maintained:

Schockemöhle Sports Saddle Soap (leather cleaning)
This is particularly suitable for the initial cleaning of saddles, saddle straps or the middle part of breastplates. Products which have been cleaned with saddle soap require further and final care, for example with a leather balm. It must be pointed out that some leather products should be lubricated less frequently (e.g. saddle straps). As a result saddle soap should not be applied to these items too often either.

Schockemöhle Sports Spray Soap (leather cleaning)
The ready-to-use spray soap can be applied precisely and stored neatly. It is very suitable for bridles and reins as well as stirrup leathers, girths and breastplates. The advantage of the spray soap is that the leather does not dry out as much as it does with classic saddle soap. Nevertheless, occasionally the leather care should here also be finished with a leather balm. Stirrup leathers should not be greased if possible, girths and reins only from time to time.

Schockemöhle Sports Leather Balm (leather care)
After cleaning the tack with saddle soap, this leather conditioner with bee wax is best suited for the care of saddles. It should also be used for the care of heavily dried leather.

Schockemöhle Sports Leather Lotion (leather care)
The leather lotion is the best care for bridles, reins and breastplates after the initial cleaning. It is moisturising, but at the same time not too greasy. If applied occasionally, it can also be used for girths after cleaning.

Of course all cleaning and care products can also be used for all other products. It should be considered that saddle soap removes severe dirt the best, but it always needs additional final care. 
Leather grease - and especially leather oil - provide rich care. However, they can also soak heavily strained leather which can then unintentionally lengthen it. Therefore we advise not to use leather oils for our products.

  • hunter bridle with English, round raised noseband
  • without flash
  • softly padded headpiece
  • browband and noseband with fine and elegant stitching
  • cheek pieces with hook and stud
  • throatlash adjustable on both sides

Royal Oak/Silver
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