Good Threads - Horses in Blankets

In the poorest country in the West,

Hatians born in poverty live, work, and die without a single opportunity to prosper.

Without free public schools, children work to survive, and often fall victim to exploitation.

Working in concert with a foundation devoted to helping these children.

Good Threads fills a very important gap to help it all come together:

Creating income for their households.

The blue belt is a lighter version of ours.  Ours is with a navy background. 

Women sizing can vary as women generally wear belts on their hips, not on their waist. It is best to measure an existing belt you have. Measure a belt by measuring from the point that the leather meets the buckle to the middle hole of the tongue. This will be your belt size.

For men's, we recommend ordering 2 inches above to your pant size for optimal fit. For example, a man who wears a 34 pant would wear a size 36 belt. If you have an odd pant size then round up, so a size 33 pant will wear a size 36 belt.

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