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Helite “Airbag Zip’In 2” Equestrian Safety Vest

The new Zip’In 2 equestrian airbag vest is ideal for riders who want to combine convenience, style, and optimal protection. Discreet and comfortable, it is suitable for all equestrian disciplines.

The Zip’In 2 allows for greater mobility because of its fitted design. Additionally, it fits excellently into the jacket, has a greater volume of protection in the chest area, and a lower cartridge weight.

Thanks to the central zip, the airbag can be worn alone or as an invisible lining under compatible Zip’In Clothing to avoid damaging the airbag in case of a fall.

*Please note, that it is crucial to never wear the Zip’In 2 with non-approved clothing – This may impair the airbag inflation and may not protect you properly.*

The airbag lining offers a large protection volume and is equipped with a mechanical system that is ready-to-go and easy to reuse. With its ultra-fast inflation (100 ms), the Zip’In 2 ensures optimal protection of these vital areas: cervical, back, pelvis, sacrum, and thorax before impact.

It comes ready-to-use with:

  • 1 gas (CO2) Cartridge
  • 1 Lanyard
  • 1 Saddle Strap
  • 1 Allen key
  • 1 User Guide







Size Chart in Inch


    • Color: Black
    • Unisex
    • Weight: 650g
    • Central zip closure
    • Compatible with all Helite and Zip’In approved clothing
    • Heavy-duty seams
    • Water-resistant and stretchy fabric that does not lose shape after inflation
    • Elastic sides for more comfort


  • Helite airbags are certified by the CRITT Sport Loisirs laboratory, a recognized and independent body that certifies protective equipment for horse riding.
  • Helite airbags come with a 2-year warranty (4 years if you register your airbag within 3 months after your purchase on