Jump Your Hair - Repairing Conditioner

What if horses could whisper to us their beauty secret? 
It is an innovative approach to a haircare program based on this brand-new ingredient in cosmetics: BIOTIN. It is a very famous vitamin used for decades to enhance horses‘ manes and it is now available in this formula for human use.
Repairing Conditioner

Dreaming of a flamboyant, healthy, and shiny mane? Horses have whispered to us their beauty secret: Keratin, the hair's protein, and Biotin, the stables' superstar vitamin. This Repairing Conditioner restores and strengthens damaged hair with keratin and biotin. It moisturizes with coconut oil, shea olein, and aloe vera; relieves hair and scalp with arnica extract, and detangles with its professional formula.

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