Old Nag Playing Cards

The Old Nag Card Game is based on the old-time card game 

"Old Maid!" but with a horsey slant! 

Each card is 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" cards contains a cute 

horse photo with the name of the horse pictured. 

30 cards and 1 Old Nag!

Each deck comes in a clear plastic hinged box. 

Great gifts, stocking stuffers, surprise bags, camp, picnics! Get the kids off the phones and play a card game!

The object of the game: Avoid getting caught with the Old Nag at the end of the game.  

-Dealer shuffles the cards and deals out the entire deck one card at a time to each player. 

-All the cards in the deck have a match BUT the Old Nag. 

-Players place matching cards on the table. 

-Next, the player to the left draws a single card from the dealer's hand. 

-If there's a match, the player puts the pair on the table. 

-No match, she offers her hand to the next person on the left. 

-Plays continue until there is one card left in one hand. 

-That player has the Old Nag which has no match and loses the game. 

-But the player holding the Old Nag gets to be the dealer the next round.

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