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Shapley's Original M-T-G Plus Mane, Tail and Groom Conditioner


M = Mane T = Tail G = Groom.

An easy-to-use, time-tested, veterinarian recommended solution to equine skin healing and hair growth, in a single bottle. Original M-T-G Plus provides the same great formula and proven results as Original M-T-G, but with a fresh, herbal scent.

Promotes healthy skin; provides quick, effective relief from numerous skin ailments and a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems, such as:
  • rain rot
  • scratches
  • girth itch
  • sweet itch
  • dry skin
  • bug bites
  • tail/mane rubbing

Formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating the skin problem while conditioning the skin and hair around the damaged area. Creates a healthy environment for hair follicles, resulting in maximum growth (up to 3 inches in one month!); keeps length of hair shaft soft and pliable for minimum breakage. See visible hair growth in 3-5 days.

Apply directly to affected area; do not wash out. Oil-based; does not require washing or water for application. Ideal for cold weather. Safe and effective for dogs, too.

Product Features

  • The ultimate time-proven skin treatment, hair growth enhancer, and mane and tail conditioner!
  • Safe and effective for dogs, too
  • See results where antibiotics, antifungals, topicals and nutritional supplements had no success
  • Visible hair growth in 3-5 days (up to 3" in one month!)