shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner

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shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner is best applied after or in between baths. This oil based blend nourishes the hair and follicle. Containing Cedarwood, shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner opens up the hair follicle aiding oxygen and it's therapeutic nutrients to allow the hair to grow. Extremely nourishing.

Add a luster and sheen to the body of your horse too. Simply spray it on and wipe it down with a fresh towel. This is great to use as you enter the In Gate. 

The Infused Equestrian has invested time and research in developing custom, handcrafted blends to help the equestrian, horse and barn.

Get yourself a toxin free solution this season and skip the ingredients you can’t pronounce.

100% Natural & Organic | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Toxins | Non-GMO