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CoolFit Hunter saddle Pad, the intelligent pad that keeps your horse cooler.

ECOGOLD’s CoolFit Hunter Pad combines a flexible shock absorption system with smart textiles, the most advanced moisture management, and heat dissipation technology.

Made with smart textiles, a CoolFit™ underside layer, and unique air-flow vent system, ECOGOLD’s CoolFit hunter Pad is engineered to quickly dissipate heat and moisture away from the horse’s body, providing a more comfortable ride.

The CoolFit hunter pad has:

    • Superior breathability: The air vent is located along the spine of the pad toward the rear and when the saddle is in place, the vent lies directly beneath the seat, allowing air to flow between the panels and circulate through the foam of the pad to the horse’s back.
      • Non-slip security: Breathable and hypoallergenic, our non-slip material is neoprene-free. It’s strong enough to stay in place yet soft on the skin. It keeps the horse’s back comfortable while securing the saddle for a safe, competitive ride.
        • Impact protection:  Offering superior support force and responsiveness over conventional or memory foam, our High Resilience Foam reduces pressure at the points of greatest weight and quickly springs back after impact to provide support and protection to the horse’s back.
        • Quick dry performance: The high-tech fabric is engineered to provide airflow and faster moisture evaporation. Our goal is to keep the horse as dry as possible, as quickly as possible.
        • Wither-relief: Anatomical design along with our Frictionless system means the horse’s back and withers will be comfortable in our saddle pads.


The fleece contour is 3.5” thick around the pad in sizes small, medium, and large. It is 4″ thick around the XL.

How thick is the CoolFit Hunter Pad? The seat area has 0.5″ thick foam. Once you put the saddle on, it conforms to your horse’s back.