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Equifit IceAir™ Cold Therapy Boot

EquiFit's IceAir Cold Therapy boot is the ony ice boot on the market that also offers air compression. Requiring only ice, our IceAir boot provides even coverage from the knee to the foot with adjustable air compression for optimal cold therapy. Hook and loop closures mean easy application and removal, making IceAir Cold Therapy Boots ideal for rehab and pre or post exercise treatments.  


Technology: GelCompression

Sold as: Pair

Size: One-Size

Color: Black

  • Favorite Features:
  • One size
  • Top to bottom vertical channels for easier ice filling
  • Has 2 slots on top to hang boot on hooks for filling with ice and/or drying
  • comes with air pump
  • Make sure to crush ice before inserting into boot
    1. Fold back closure straps and attach each to Velcro® on backside of boot.
    2. Hang IceAir using hang slots (located at top of boot).
    3. Open interior ice flaps and tuck into pockets during filling.
    4. Using well crushed ice, fill each section of IceAir Boot to fill line.
    5. Close flaps securely.
    6. Place on horse with valve on outside of leg and secure Velcro® straps.
    7. Release clamp on fill horse before applying compression.
    8. Connect hand pump to fill horse and inflate to desired firmness. (As ice melts, more compression may be required.)
    9. Close clamp prior to removing hand pump.
    10. When finished with therapy, release clamp on valve and empty air from boot before removing.
    11. Empty contents and hang to dry.


    • If you have questions or concerns, consult with your veterinarian.
    • Studies indicate that cold therapy application of more than 25-minutes may have detrimental effects and is not advised.
    • Excessive pressure may cause injury.
    • Care must be taken whenever cold therapy is applied to a limb. Cold therapy used incorrectly or applied for too long can potentially damage the skin and underlying tissue.
    • EquiFit, inc. is not responsible for misinterpretation or misuse.