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The Infused Equestrian - pure. A Bit Wipe

pure. A Bit Wipe comes in Peppermint or Cinnamon flavors. Nobody wants to put a dirty bit in their horse's mouth. Stop using a community wash bucket of filthy water (and who knows what else) to clean your bits. It's gross and can spread germs.

Our Peppermint flavored bit wipe is made with grade-A therapeutic essential oil and will naturally open the horses mouth with it's tasty flavor allowing easier acceptance of the bit. Our cinnamon flavored bit wipe tastes like a candy, and both sparkle the bit magically while providing toxin free antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning. 

The Infused Equestrian has invested time and research in developing custom, handcrafted blends to help the equestrian, horse and barn. 

Get yourself a toxin free solution this season and skip the ingredients you can’t pronounce.

100% Natural & Organic | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Toxins | Non-GMO