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JUMP'IN Small Flat Cheek Leather Hackamore Bit - One Size

Small Flat Cheek Leather Hackamore


Composition: Hackamore with a leather nose part, stainless steel small cheeks, and a leather curb chain.

Effect: The Hackamore has a lever action on the bridge of the nose and the mandibles only. It will not have any action on the inside of the mouth. It is great for horses that don't tolerate bit contact in their mouth, for those that fight the rider's hand, or for those that can't be ridden with a mouthpiece.

Tips: Ideally used with the Jump'In Hackamore bridle. The Hackamore leather nose part will be great for every rider. The small cheek doesn't have a too strong action as the nose part and the curb chain are placed at the same level. The nose part can be covered with a nasaline, some vetrap or whatever is possible to soften the contact. 

One Size Only

Maintenance Advance: From time to time, clean with clear water and oil the nose part and the curb chain. 

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