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Pénélope - Luxe Bridle

Introducing the Luxe Bridle, the newest and most refined addition to the Penelope Leather Collection. This bridle combines classic elegance with innovative design to provide both style and exceptional comfort for your horse.

Design Highlights:

  • Classic Design with a Modern Twist: The Luxe Bridle features a traditional bridle design enhanced with a round anatomical browband and saddle-stitched noseband. These elements not only highlight its classic beauty but also ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Anatomical Headpiece: The headpiece is designed with two lined panels that distribute pressure evenly across the horse’s neck and cervical region, reducing discomfort and preventing unnecessary strain. This anatomical design helps to free the neck from pressure while maintaining balance.

  • Comfortable Noseband: The larger noseband is lined with the same high-quality leather as the headpiece for added comfort. A clever feature includes a protected rear buckle that is shielded by an additional piece of leather with an elastic loop, allowing for easy removal when necessary.

  • Innovative Cheekpiece Elastics: The elastics in the cheekpiece buckles provide a touch of innovation, offering slight support to the bit for sensitive horses who are uncomfortable with direct contact on the bars. This gentle touch enhances the bridle’s adaptability and comfort.

  • Anatomical Browband: The anatomical browband is designed to fit a range of head shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for every horse and contributing to the bridle’s overall comfort and effectiveness.

Additional Information:

  • Reins Not Included: Please note that the reins are sold separately.
  • Available Sizes: Cob and Full.
  • Composition: Crafted from European cowhide leather with 100% stainless steel buckles for durability and long-lasting elegance.
  • Black Not Shown: Please note that the Luxe Bridle is also available in classic black, which is not pictured.

Discover the Luxe Bridle and experience the perfect blend of timeless design, advanced comfort features, and sophisticated craftsmanship.

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