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Perry Equestrian SafeTie

Perry Equestrian SafeTies

Tethering a horse can impact its safety in various ways. When startled, a horse's natural instinct is to escape. Tethering can hinder this flight instinct, potentially causing injury if the horse panics or pulls back.

Using SafeTie adds an extra layer of protection for your horse. Unlike traditional ropes or strings, SafeTie is designed to 'snap' open at a specified stress point, helping to prevent harm to the horse.

- SafeTie enhances safety and provides peace of mind to owners and handlers.
- Easy to use: Attach SafeTie to the stable wall ring, secure the connection, and slide the side security sleeve for added strength.
- Environmentally safe and available in vibrant colors.

**SafeTie Settings:**
- **Setting 1:** Snaps open at 50kg (110lbs) tension.
- **Setting 2:** Snaps open at 75kg (165lbs) tension.
- **Setting 3:** Snaps open at 100kg (220lbs) tension.

Using SafeTie is intended to enhance safety when tethering horses. However, Exceptional Equestrian LLC is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or damages that may occur during use. Horse owners and handlers should use SafeTie responsibly and monitor horses closely during tethering.