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Combine the convincing properties of the Equitus bridles from Schockemöhle Sports with bitless riding? This is now possible with the new Equitus Theta bridle! This innovative new family member of the Equitus line was developed specifically for riding without a bit and working with the horse without a bit. The well-known shape of the Equitus noseband is cut slightly wider in this model and, thanks to slight reinforcement, ensures a stable fit and soft pressure distribution on the nose bone. The reins are buckled directly into the perfectly positioned, nylon-lined D-rings for bitless riding. But that's not all - the Equitus Theta is a 3-in-1 bridle: Thanks to the proven button rivets, the Equitus Theta can also be used regularly with a bit. It also offers another innovative buckling option - use with 2 pairs of reins! As a semi-bridle for sensitive horses or for introducing the bit, to an alternative in show jumping (even allowed at tournaments from class M**) - Equitus Theta simply offers everything for demanding riders.

Despite all the innovation, one thing still applies to the Equitus Theta bridle from Schockemöhle Sports: proven quality does not require any major changes! Like the other Equitus models, the Theta is anatomically cut and, with its curved noseband, avoids the horse's main facial nerve. The softly padded headpiece ensures maximum ear freedom. Furthermore, the headband is extra curved and has an extra-wide fit to avoid pressure in the eyes and ears area.

  • Choose innovation and quality for the benefit of your horse!
  • Bitless version based on the innovative action of the Equitus bridles
  • Reinforced noseband, slightly wider cut D-rings on the noseband for the reins, reinforced with nylon
  • Pin to fasten the cheekpieces
  • Innovative 3-in-1 bridle: Thanks to the separately available cheek pieces (with buckle or bridle hook), the bridle can not only be used without a bit but also with a bit. It is also possible to use the bridle with two pairs of reins (semi-bridle)
  • not suitable for lunging
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