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Engineered for the highest level of protection and comfort, the Veredus OLYMPUS™ Open Front Boots combine advanced technology with superior craftsmanship. Designed to support and safeguard your horse's legs during intense training and competition, these boots offer unparalleled performance and reliability.

Key Features:
- Anatomic Rigid-PU™ Dual Density Shell: Provides superior protection while allowing freedom of movement, ensuring maximum comfort and support.
- EVA™ Foam Strike Plate: Lined for shock absorption and tendon support, offering reliable protection against impacts and strikes.
- Semi Rigid-PU™ Construction: Anatomically designed dual density shell delivers optimal protection and comfort, promoting unrestricted movement.
- Lycra® Lined Neoprene: Features comfort padding with integrated shock absorption, enhancing overall comfort during strenuous activities.
- AquaShell™ Waterproof Protection: Ensures durability and moisture resistance, maintaining performance in diverse conditions.
- EZCare™: Easily hand washable in cold water, facilitating convenient maintenance and cleanliness.
- Quick-Release Tip™: Enables swift and secure hooking and unhooking with one-handed operation, optimizing efficiency during tack changes.
- Made in Italy: Crafted with precision and expertise in Italy, reflecting renowned quality and attention to detail.

Elevate your horse's performance with the Veredus OLYMPUS™ Open Front Boots, where cutting-edge design meets uncompromising protection and comfort. Ideal for discerning riders seeking premium gear that meets the demands of competitive equestrian sports.

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