Freejump Spur'One Hammer Spurs

Innovative Spur'One Hammer Spurs from Freejump boast an elegant Pininfarina design and a practical articulated inner branch that allows a great fit on any boot. Men's and women's English riding spur grips to boots with an elastollan overlay that also prevents scratches on the leather.

  • Pininfarina designed
  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Grip interior
  • Articulated inner branch
  • Hammer end

Freejump Spur-One Hammer Spurs are easy to apply and stay in place on your boot. The spur won't move up or down, assuring the spur end remains in proper contact with the horse's side. Your cues will be more precise and consistent. Lightweight but very strong carbon fiber spur has a beautiful high tech look and high end performance.