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Donations and Sponsorships

Exceptional Equestrian frequently receives requests to donate to many different organizations. Quite honestly during the summer we are overwhelmed by them. Sometimes these donations are for sponsoring classes at horse shows, sometimes to help a youth group travel to an important event, and sometimes a benefit for a community member or organizations. Exceptional Equestrian has several ways that we will handle these requests. 

Anyone seeking a donation should fill out a copy of our donation request worksheet and return this document to our store. Our Board of Directors will review requests submitted. If the request is approved and funds are available for charitable contributions we will award them a donation.  Email us at to receive the donation form.  

Often we find that youth groups need money for their club to attend a special event. If you spend any amount of time in our store you are likely to hear one of us joke with the children "Get a job, Kid!" We do believe that these youth should be working towards their goal, rather than looking for handouts. With that in mind we do offer a fund raiser that any organization is welcome to take advantage of. Exceptional Equestrian will print special gift certificates in the amount of $25. Members of the organization sell these certificates to their family and friends, and for every certificate they sell we kick back $5 to the club. Sell 10 gift certificates and you make $50. Email us at for more details.

And lastly, we offer an Influencer Program.  As a mobile unit, if we were to directly sponsor a rider, all we are doing is promoting multiple Brands.  Any mobile vendor that carries those brands benefits from our sponsorship.  So instead we want to pay you back for being an Influencer to Exceptional Equestrian.  You will create your own link to our site and when someone clicks on that link and purchases something you will receive 5% back.  This way you can purchase your own products with the money you've earned.   Just click on the "Become an Ambassador" link on the homepage.