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Equiline - X-CEL Jumping Stirrups

X-CEL Jumping Safety Stirrups

Introducing the X-CEL Jumping Safety Stirrups—where cutting-edge technology meets superior safety and performance. Designed with an innovative patent-pending safety system, these stirrups feature a unique side opening mechanism that ensures quick and effortless foot release in emergency situations, while also allowing for fast and easy reentry. The strategically inclined footbed offers exceptional balance and stability, enhancing your riding experience with both safety and style.

Technical Information:

  • Innovative Patent-Pending Safety System: Advanced side-opening design for reliable and quick foot release.
  • Effortless Breakaway Mechanism: Quick and secure foot exit during emergencies.
  • Inclined Footbed: Provides superior balance and stability for the rider.
  • Ergonomic Design: Combines safety technology with an active, modern style to meet the needs of all riders.

Why Choose X-CEL Stirrups? With a focus on innovation and rider safety, X-CEL Stirrups are crafted to offer unmatched performance and security. Their ergonomic design not only ensures your safety but also enhances your riding efficiency and comfort.

Please Note: These will be drop-shipped directly from Equiline if we do not have them in stock. We will inform you of the availability of your selected size and color within 24-48 hours.
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