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FIR-Tech Polo Wrap Set of 4 - CATAGO EQ

Introducing the FIR-Tech Polo Wrap Set of 4 by CATAGO EQ, crafted for superior performance and therapeutic benefits. These durable, soft fleece wraps contour to the horse's legs, providing a snug fit that improves blood flow and reduces leg fatigue. Infused with ceramic particles woven into the fabric, they reflect the horse's body heat, penetrate tissue, and enhance blood vessel dilation for enhanced circulation.

**Key Features:**
- FIR-Tech fabric with woven ceramic fibers reflects body heat for therapeutic benefits
- Durable and soft fleece material contours to the leg for a snug fit
- Promotes increased blood flow and reduces leg fatigue
- Stretchy supportive bandage section keeps wraps securely in place
- Includes 77" of ceramic-infused fleece plus 65" of stretchy supportive bandage per wrap (12' total length)

Experience the #1 therapy in Europe with CATAGO EQ's FIR-Tech Polo Wrap Set, ideal for enhancing performance and supporting recovery in your horse's legs. Perfect for reducing fatigue during exercise and providing essential therapeutic benefits.

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