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Nupafeed® Magnesium Concentrate Horse Calmer | Oral Paste

Supplementing horses with magnesium to manage stress, erratic behavior, anxiety, and also to relax tight muscles is not a new concept. Nupafeed® Magnesium Calming Supplement has something else to offer that no other magnesium supplement on the market can. Nupafeed® Magnesium contains MAH® (magnesium - aspartate - hydrochloride).

This unique form of magnesium, MAH® is a refined source of magnesium offering exceptionally high absorption rates and increased bioavailability. These easy to feed concentrate oral syringes are great to use when horses need a booster of magnesium to handle additional stress like showing, traveling or even a clinic. Nupafeed® Magnesium Concentrate Oral Paste Syringes can be used in addition to Nupafeed® Magnesium Daily Liquid.

⋅ Magnesium - Aspartate - Hydrochloride (MAH®)
⋅ Water
⋅ Potassium Sorbate (preservative)