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Pénélope - Airlight Air Vest by FreeJump

An Equestrian Air Vest for Women!

Airlight Airbag Freejump by Penelope Safety Vest - an airbag safety vest designed specifically for women equestrians. The Penelope Airlight vest has been produced together with Freejump to offer a lightweight vest that offers style and protection. Air Vests are quickly becoming a must-have piece of equipment for riders in any discipline. The vest is can be worn under the Penelope New York Show Jacket or under any other Freejump or Helite Airbag Technology compatible clothing. Incredibly lightweight and stretchy, the vest is invisible under the show jacket and is the lightest airbag available. The micro-perforated fabrics increase ventilation to further improve your comfort when riding. 

Giving optional protection for cervical, lumbar, sacrum, pelvis, and thorax. It is available in two bust sizes to fit a range of body types. A neck brace stabilizes the spine and the vital parts around it. The vest fastens with a YKK zip on the front and comes with Penelope's signature Point Sellier silver stitching for added style. 

The Airlight by Freejump vest is certified CE in accordance with the European rule UE 2016/425 by the independent laboratory ALIENOIR CERTIFICATION according to protocol CRITT LOISIRS GEG-01.



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