Pénélope Littlesocks - 2 pairs

Small socks perfect to be well in his sneakers! They are hidden in your shoes and let appear the ankle with short pants. Very soft, they are thin and very pleasant to wear.

Made of cotton, Little socks are comfortable and have excellent support to the foot

Composition black model  : 78% Cotton - 19.8% Polyamid - 1.8% Elastane - 0.4% Metallized fiber

Composition black and grey model :  65.7% Cotton - 19.2% Polyamid - 12.2% Polyester - 2.7% Elastane - 0.2% Metallized fiber

One-color: Black and grey. 

Available in two sizes: 35/37 and 38/40. 

Size tip: RAS, choose your usual size. 

Washing tip: Machine washes at 30°C - No dryer. 

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