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Penelope - L'Origine Scent Diffuser

Introducing the L'Origine Scent Diffuser from Pénélope Collections, a luxurious addition to your home ambiance. This elegant diffuser blends fruity scents with a subtle mix of musk and vanilla, housed in a glass container with black wooden sticks for effective dispersion.

At the top notes, delicate hints of blackberry, green leaves, wild strawberries, and pink grapefruit tantalize the senses. The heart notes feature a harmonious blend of freesia, violet, and water jasmine, while the base notes offer a rich foundation of sandalwood, cedar, and musk, creating a sweet and deep fragrance experience.

This diffuser is available in a 200ml size, with refills also offered for ongoing enjoyment. Crafted in France, "L'Origine" is not only available as a scent diffuser but also as a fragrance, home fragrance, and candle, ensuring a cohesive sensory experience throughout your space.

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