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Meet Chestnut Pony, a captivating addition to your store and a surefire hit with your customers! This delightful pony boasts luxuriously soft Chestnut faux fur, accentuated by a sleek black mane, tail, and chestnut feet, ensuring cuddly bliss for all who encounter it. Each handmade saddle conceals a unique code, inviting owners to our website for an exciting reveal of their pony's name and the opportunity to give it a personalized nickname! As if that's not enough, they'll also receive a special adoption certificate to cherish forever. The pony's charm extends further with embroidered eyes and shoes. And let's not forget the extras: a handmade saddle straight from Texas, a name code, a show ribbon for added flair. With our award-winning best seller, get ready for a whirlwind of adventures and heartwarming moments! Note: Saddle variations may occur, reflecting the uniqueness of each pony. 12”L x 6.25”W x 12”H (30.5 x 16 x 30.5 cm) Weight - 11.5 oz (326 grams)
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