The Spur'One Extra Long Spurs for English riding has a flexible inner branch that creates an adjustable fit on boots. The modern Pininfarina design in black with accent colors is stylish as well as geared for performance.

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber
  • Articulated inner branch adjusts to boot width
  • Elastollan over molding on inside to grip boots
  • Ergonomic strap openings

Men's and women's Extra Long Spur is made with carbon fiber, light, and durable material. Part of the inner branch is articulated, making it easy to put on or remove and fit any width boot. Freejump  Extra Long Spurs have a comfortable fit, stay in place on your boots, and are appropriate for many English riding disciplines, including dressage. The angled spur strap openings assure your spur straps will be correctly positioned under and over your boot.