The Spur'One Prince of Wales Spur is a step above the others with its high-tech Pininfarina design and precision fit and performance. The traditional POW spur keeps its position on your boot to maintain correct contact with the horse.

  • Light, rigid Carbon Fiber
  • Articulated inner branch adjusts to boot width
  • Elastollan over-molding on inside to grip boots
  • Ergonomic fit strap openings
  • 25mm POW end

From Freejump, the Spur'One Prince of Wales Spur grips onto your boot and adjusts to the width automatically thanks to the articulated interior branch. The outer branch and the first third of the inner branch are rigid. Spur'One POW Spurs stay in place, are comfortable, and have angled openings for the spur straps that allow a correct, ergonomic fit. A very nice short spur for English riding!

Black/Pearl Red