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JUMP'IN Twisted Pelham Gag Bit w/ Flat

Twisted Pelham Gag Bit w/ Flat


Gag Bit
The gag bit has an action on the horse's balance. It makes the horse rebalance and
transfer its weight on the hindquarters. This bit needs special cheek pieces and can
be used directly with two reins, bit loops, or with four reins.

Pelham Bit
The Pelham bit is a great compromise between the bridle and the double bridle. It
offers a lever action more or less strong depending on the cheeks length. It can be
used with two reins, bit loops, or four reins. The upper part of the bars is 1 centimeter
longer than the regular Pelham bit ones so the curb chain can be less tightened and
the bit can be more comfortable for the horse.

Twisted Bit
The action of a twisted bit is stronger than the action of a simple cannon. The
irregularity of the twisted cannon makes its less comfortable.


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