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Schockemöhle: The Rider's Brand

July 08, 2014 0 Comments

The name Schockemöhle has deep roots in the equestrian world. If you were a follower of show jumping in the 70’s and 80’s you probably heard the name Paul Schockemöhle frequently. If not, that’s okay! We’ll fill you in on this legendary equestrian. Aboard his top horse Diester, Schockemöhle won three European Championships— 1981, ‘83 and ’85. The pair was also on the bronze medal winning team and took 7th individually at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Today, Paul Schockemöhle is one of Europe’s most prolific breeders and manages a small empire of top-notch sport horses. He’s had a hand in training some of the present day’s greatest riders, including Ludgar Beerbaum, Otto Becker and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Most notably, perhaps, in 2010 Paul Schockemöhle rocked the dressage world by purchasing the WEG triple gold medalist and world-record holding stallion Totilas who is now one if his top studs.


Paul Schockemöhle took his expertise into a whole new field in 2005 when he created Schockemöhle-Sports GmbH. With a new goal in mind, Schockemöhle set out to inspire riders worldwide with high-quality fashionable products. Less than 10 years later Schockemöhle Sports has put a stamp on the equestrian apparel market with their detail-oriented, well-tailored and functional horse and rider apparel.


The Schockemöhle-Sports apparel line is rigorously tested by their sponsored riders who hail from across the globe and their show clothes employ many of the cutting edge technologies that riders have come to expect from top brands. Meanwhile their casual apparel is both sporty and unique (I can’t stop wearing my bright orchid colored Sophia soft-shell jacket!) As a rider, you really can tell that the products made by this company are created by experienced horsemen. They tactfully improve upon the traditional styles we’ve come to love in the equestrian world to create the kind of products every horseman wants to see.


It should be noted that the favorite brand Fior da Liso happens to be a subsidiary of the Schockemöhle company. Mrs. Schockemöhle created the FdL line with the intention of bringing style, comfort and a feminine flair to the equestrian world.


Just another example of Schockemöhle tailoring their products to suit the demands of the modern-day rider.