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Find the Perfect Gift for... The Leather Addict

December 08, 2014 0 Comments

I think as equestrians we have a general appreciation of leather that others do not have. We realize just how durable and beautiful this material really is and I think that makes it all the more desirable. Wouldn't you agree?

With that in mind, there are probably more than a few friends and family members you know with a leather addiction. That's why this episode of "Find the Perfect Gift For..." features a few great Exceptional Equestrian options for the leather lover.

The collection of bracelets from Dimacci make for perfect stocking stuffers and come in a variety of colors and styles! They are made with top quality, beautiful leather. All hardware is stainless steel and nickel free!

Top Row: Dimacci Dimaccini Logo Bracelet / Middle Row: Dimacci Monsun Bracelet / Bottom Row: Dimacci Orsini Bracelet


Our second gift suggestion for the leather enthusiast is the Tucker Tweed Cross Body. Tucker Tweed Equestrian was created out of a desire to make a handbag that says "this is my passion." The neat thing about these bags is that you can choose which emblem is displayed on your bag. Whether a Dressage rider, a Hunter/Jumper or general equestrian enthusiast, there's a style for everyone!


Take advantage of a timeless material and find your friend, family member or yourself a beautiful leather good for this holiday!