Find the Perfect Gift For... The Weekend Warrior

December 17, 2014 0 Comments

While most of us wish that we could spend all day, every day enjoying the barn and our horsey pals, unfortunately there's usually something silly like a job that gets in the way of that dream. So instead we're constrained to riding evenings and weekends. And begrudgingly, we're okay with that... except that those fabulous riding clothes that you've spent so much on don't get to see the light of day nearly enough!

Well good news for the weekend warrior! The terrific combination of in-vogue equestrian fashion and savvy equestrian brands leaves riders with and ever-expanding wardrobe of versatile riding clothes!

Fior da Liso is becoming a well-known fashion offshoot of the Euro brand Schockemohle. The blouses made designed by Lotte are feminine and flattering yet also extremely comfortable and functional for active tasks. The cotton/elastane blend fabric has just enough stretch to provide ease of movement, yet not enough that you loose the flattering shape of the garment. Each design features one or more lovely details like contrast cuffs and collars, contrast stitching, metallic buttons and elbow patches. These blouses are a hit with so many women of all ages, in all disciplines and make for a great look whether you choose to wear them in the ring or at the office!

Our other top pick for double-duty riding attire is the hautest horsey thing to come out of NYC since Georgina Bloomberg: the Le Fash Placket Shirt. These shirts are truly exceptional and really up the anti for riding attire. The sleeves and side panel fabric is a bamboo knit material that provides technical performance and comfort while beautiful eqyptian cotton is strategically placed where it can be seen under a show coat. The collar closure is a strong, but light-weight magnet. These shirts have become the penultimate in fashion-meets-function show clothes. But the best thing about them is they were designed with the intention that they could just as easily be worn out and about in everyday life. Le Fash most certainly succeeded with this, and after wearing one of their gorgeously coordinated Placket shirts you are going to want to wear it everywhere!