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SheepsWool vs. Sheepskin

June 25, 2017 0 Comments

Sheepskin…it is definitely becoming a ‘thing’… again, but why?

Whether it is sensitive skin, a previous wound or a unique shaped leg prone to rubs, some horses just need that extra comfort. But why can’t we have SheepsWool without seeing all that bushy stuff?!  I don’t know about you, but we want to be able to see the horse’s legs.

When we sat down in the office to brainstorm a potential SheepsWool line, the first thing we all agreed on is the bushy look was NOT going to happen here at EquiFit.  Nope, no way! We get it, you need it, but just because you need SheepsWool doesn’t mean you need to see it.

As with all of our products, when we set out to develop our SheepsWool line, our goal was to keep a classic look on the outside with a technologically advanced and innovative inside.  And guess what? We did just that. Once the boots are on, the SheepsWool lining is invisible. Rainy day? No need to worry about your SheepsWool getting nasty and muddy. It is a real game changer.

Wait a minute…Sheeps…what? Yes, that is right, SheepsWool, NOT Sheepskin.


Not only do we always strive to design for a more classic look, and innovative stand point, we also LOVE animals (clearly) and we were not about to put any animal in harms way for this new line.

So, what’s the difference? SheepSKIN uses the skin of the sheep as the backer to the wool.  (Hence, sheep are harmed in this process.)  The process we use, SheepsWool, is not attached to the skin so sheep get a haircut and just go about their merry little way. The SheepsWool is then placed smack dab onto our ImpacTeq material. Comfort of the wool against the leg paired with our impact absorbing, antimicrobial foam, equals a technologically advanced SheepsWool ImpacTeq Lining.


Don’t be fooled by imitators.  Real wool, unlike many synthetics used in other boots, is naturally antimicrobial, wicks away sweat, repels water and allows air to flow through the fibers which increases breathability. Another plus, you can toss them in the washing machine, and the more they break in, the more you (and your horse) will love them!

Our SheepsWool products went through HEAVY testing with some of our top riders, horses, and grooms and have become their favorites. Always in the spotlight and no sheep to be found, Kent Farrington’s horses wear the SheepsWool Replacement Liners, SheepsWool Lined MultiTeq Boots, and SheepsWool Replacement Girth Liners (coming soon).

Denise Moriarty, Head Groom for Kent Farrington, helped us throughout the entire SheepsWool testing period. After many months of use here are her thoughts on them!

“I love the SheepsWool liners as they provide added comfort for the horses while still looking stylish and smart in the ring.” Moriarty stated.

“The SheepsWool boot liners help prevent irritation, Creedance and his four white socks are big fans. The SheepsWool Girth Liners add extra comfort to those horses that are sensitive in the girth area. Voyeur and Gazelle are big fans of their SheepsWool liners.”

How do you wash SheepsWool???

Step 1: Remove SheepsWool Liner from D-Teq or Eq-Teq shell

Step 2: Toss liners in the washing machine on a cold, delicate cycle. Use a mild soap!

Step 3: Lay flat to air dry

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