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FIR-Tech Healing Elbow Brace - CATAGO EQ

Introducing the FIR-Tech Healing Elbow Brace by CATAGO EQ, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance healing and support for your elbow. Crafted with woven ceramic particles, this brace promotes increased blood circulation, reducing inflammation and supporting faster healing. The lightweight stretch material offers optimal comfort and flexibility, making it suitable for wearing under show shirts and riding coats.

**Key Features:**
- Woven ceramic fibers reflect body heat for therapeutic benefits
- Promotes increased blood circulation to aid healing and prevent inflammation
- Lightweight stretch material provides comfort and flexibility
- Designed to be worn comfortably under show shirts and riding coats

Experience the #1 therapy in Europe with the FIR-Tech Healing Elbow Brace, ensuring you receive advanced therapeutic benefits while maintaining comfort and support during activities. Ideal for aiding recovery and promoting peak performance in equestrian pursuits.

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