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JUMP'IN Blue Steel Waterford Elevator Gag Bit

Waterford Elevator Gag Bit


Composition: Elevator bit with 75 mm long bars and 12 mm thick cannons made of Blue steel, a relaxing alloy that will oxidize with time.

Effect: This bit has a strong action on the horse's movement and combines the action of a gag bit and of an elevator one. It will have an action on the horse's balance with 50 mm large rings and a very strong lever effect.

Tips: this bit does not fit every rider's hand or every horse. It can only be used in one way: with four reins with one pair on the gag rings and the other one on the bottom rings. It is possible to add a curb chain made of a simple chain, leather, or nylon.

Size: 135

Maintenance advice: rinse the bit after each use to prevent any residue deposit and to avoid your horse to feel any discomfort.

It is strong and comfortable at the same time. The horse respects the rider’s hand but
doesn’t fear it. It allows horses to relax, especially the ones that tend to take too
much contact.

Elevator bit

The length of the bars gives a strong lever action. This bit ensures great directional
control. It is possible to add a curb chain to it (chain, leather, or nylon).

Gag bit
The gag bit has an action on the horse's balance. It makes the horse rebalance and
transfer its weight on the hindquarters. This bit needs special cheek pieces and can
be used directly with two reins, bit loops, or with four reins.

Sweet Iron / Blue Steel *B.S
54% carbon, 46% manganese. Sweet Iron and Blue Steel bits oxidize when in
contact with air and humidity. These two alloys are not the same color but have the
same properties and are made with two slightly different manufacturing processes.
During oxidization, a thin layer of rust is created. Rust has a sweet taste and
naturally stimulates saliva production. When salivating more, the horse takes the bit
more. The oxidization process will make the cannons color change and turn into a
greyish brown.

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