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JUMP'IN Combination Bit w/ Flat Reclining Cannon

Combination Bit with Flat Reclining Cannon


Composition: combination bit with a 30 mm large flat reclining cannon.

Effect: The Combination bit is a hybrid between the Hackamore and the standard bit. It splits the pressure points between the horse's mouth, the mandibules, and the nose. The Combination bit can be a good option to split the pressure points and have as much control as possible while compromising at the maximum. However, the combination bit with a flat cannon has a particular action. The fixed and reclining aspects of this bit extend the contact but its action is emphasized.

The flat cannon is very atypical but offers more comfort to some horses while working thanks to the 90° reclining action around the axis.

The interchangeable nose system gives the possibility to adjust the action of the mouthpiece. You can switch between a flexible rope nose and a rubber-covered chain for a stronger action.

The noses are attached with a screw system that makes the switch quick and easy.

A reel of Teflon comes with the bit to use for better adherence of the screw once it is well-tightened.

Tips: A leather curb chain comes with this bit but can be replaced by a nylon or a chain one.

Size: 125 & 135

Maintenance advice: Rinse the bit after each use to prevent any residue deposit and to avoid your horse to feel any discomfort.