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JUMP'IN Flexible Rubber Swales Bit

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Flexible Rubber Swales Bit


Composition: Swales bit with 50 mm long bars and a 19 mm thick cannon composed of a metal part in the inside and Natural Rubber. Rubber bits are the softest of the entire Jump'In collection. They give great comfort to the horses, even to the most sensitive of them.

Important note to our clients: rubber bits are not guaranteed against bites even after the first use.

This product is a French fabrication and is part of the Jump'In range that supports the "French savoir-faire"

Effect: the Swales bit has some similarities with the Pelham bit but the horse doesn't feel any pressure on the neck because there is no action on the bridle cheek pieces. It is the only bit with a lever action that doesn't put any pressure on the horse's neck. It is used with a single pair of reins and a curb chain and it is less restricting than a Pelham bit as it does not have any action on the head/neck angle.

Tips: this bit can be used directly with two reins, with bit loops, or with four reins. A chain curb chain comes with the bit. It can be replaced by a nylon or a leather one. The straight flexible cannon helps horses to take good contact on the bit so it also helps them stretch their back-lines while working.

Size: 135

Maintenance advice: rinse the bit after each use to prevent any residue deposit and to avoid your horse to feel any discomfort.